Santa Mail

At PolarBear Express we ensure that your child will receive a personalized letter printed on

 colourful Christmas stationary, in a bright envelope addressed to your child,

& some Reindeer Food.

Letter is written with the information you supply, and each letter is different.

If you have more than one child, they won’t get the same letter.

Postal orders:

Received until November 30th is R40 per letter

Orders: December 1st & December 10th are sent Fast Mail & cost R60 a letter

Deliveries (Johannesburg & surrounding area only):

Delivered into your postbox are R70,

(if you have more than 1 letter to the same address

only the first letter is R70, every letter thereafter is R40 each.)

Delivers are made at night or during school hours so the children don’t see us.

 If you would like letters for several children,

please download and fill out the forms, for each child seperately.


                                                                   NB: This is an actual letter mailed via the Postal Service.