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Imagine the look on your child or grandchild's face when they open a letter from Santa, addressed just to them. Please do read ON …….

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At PolarBear Express we ensure that your child will receive a personalized letter printed on colourful Christmas stationary, in a bright envelope addressed to your child, and some Reindeer Food. Letters are written with the information you supply, and each letter is different. If you have more than one child, they won’t get the same letter.

Postal orders received until November 30th is R45 per letter

Orders from December 1st to December 10th are sent Fast Mail and cost R65 a letter

Personal Deliveries (Johannesburg & surrounding area only):

until 20 Dec, delivered into your postbox are R70, (if you have more than 1 letter to the same address only the first letter is R70, every letter thereafter is R40 each.) Delivers are made at night or during school hours so the children don’t see us.

Please download and fill out the form/forms, for each child separately. VERY IMPORTANT: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE POSTED LETTES!


Santa may mention your child’s friends, teacher, City, toys wanted for Christmas, accomplishments; in fact, just about anything you put on the form. Very Important: Santa WILL NOT tell your child that he/she is getting a specific gift we do not put pressure on the parent to give those gifts mentioned, so we word it in such a way that your child knows that we are aware of what they would like but no promises are made. And not forgetting that each envelope includes the very important Reindeer Food! Rudolph himself just loves it! You just sprinkle it in your yard on Christmas Eve and Rudolph and his team will smell it from the sky and hurry down to your house!

Catch your letter application form here!

The application letter can be completed online, or downloaded by yourself, and send back to us here ...

It can also be faxed to us on 086 671 7267 together with proof of payment.

Please include information like: Did your child write a letter to Santa? We try to thank the child for the letter.

Please also indicate if there is something special on the letter, i.e. if the child drew a picture, etc. You can even send it along with your forms – We love receiving them. Are you staying at home for Christmas or going away? It is only so that we don’t say that Santa will be delivering the gifts at their home and the child is at Granny or the coast.

Download or fill application form on-line......

Complete your application on-line


Download your application form now

PLEASE email your completed form to , or fax: 086 671 7267 with proof of payment.

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Enjoy seeing the sparkle in your child's eyes when they open a letter from Santa